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    17 Husbands Who Heard "For Better Or For Worst" And Ran With "The Worst"

    These guys are lucky they're still married.

    1. This husband who bought memory foam only for his side of the bed:

    distanceformed / Via

    2. This husband who apparently never heard of peanut butter:

    emeleeluna27 / Via

    3. This husband who took one mediocre picture of his big day:

    u/Smartyandfarty / Via

    4. This husband who got crafty:

    u/MangoBlisters / Via

    5. This husband who was told to bring home some tampons from the store:

    mrs_tonya_b / Via

    6. This husband who couldn't manage to get the cat litter INTO the trash can:

    batteredpotato / Via

    7. This husband who thinks he's real funny:

    u/Jadex9 / Via

    8. This husband who thought he revolutionzed baking:

    u/Lilaflockensocke / Via

    9. This husband who thought this was an acceptable way to make dinner:

    stingraykisses / Via

    10. This husband who was obviously trying to piss his partner off:

    NattieLight / Via

    11. This husband who, in fairness, didn't feel like dealing with this:

    u/bellyscratcher86 / Via

    12. This husband who didn't even try:

    u/soundworks789 / Via

    13. This husband who was so close, but yet so far:

    paowow1 / Via

    14. This husband who should be fined for this:

    I asked my husband to stir my drink, aaaaand this is what he did. Thank you. Exactly what I had in mind.

    15. This 6' 2" husband who hung up a mirror at the request of his 5' 1" wife:

    truthorbust / Via

    16. This husband who got five and a half potatoes and just rounded up:

    So I asked my husband to buy 6 potatoes.

    17. And finally, this husband who created the dinner from hell:

    u/gennym / Via

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