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17 Husbands Who Will Make Yours Look 1000x Better

Food was harmed in the making of this.

1. This husband who tried to shred sliced cheese:

2. This husband who brought home some milk because they were "out":

3. This guy who got to the Munchies (a mix of Cheetos, Doritos, Sun Chips, and pretzels) before his wife did:

4. This husband who put this ice cream container BACK into the freezer:

5. And this guy who was generous enough to leave this much cream cheese for wife:

6. This husband who apparently created an EOS lip balm out of an avocado:

7. This dude who couldn't just open the bag like a normal human being:

8. This guy who clearly thought the lil' orange twist-off top was just decorative:

9. This husband who was out to ruin a children's birthday party:

10. This guy who thinks this is an acceptable way to spread butter on toast:

11. This husband who for some reason ate orange in very thin slices:

12. This guy who peeled off one banana and proceeded to ruin the rest:

13. This husband who wants everybody else to put in the extra work later:

14. This husband who puts jars away dirtier than he found them:

15. This husband who complains when his beer gets knocked over, as if the cup holder isn't .03 inches away:

16. This husband who thought it'd be cute to stack Golden Grahams on top of Cheerios:

17. And finally, this husband who thinks the sink doubles as a trash can:

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating