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How Has Selena Changed Your Life?

Because a true queen lives on forever.

Selena Quintanilla is the Tejano Queen who never once failed to captivate the world both on and off the stage.

TMA / Via

She always had the right moves, lyrics, and advice to get you through ANY moment in life.

Estrella TV / Via

Maybe she taught you that loving someone isn't a crime in "Amor Prohibido."


Let the haters whisper because your love speaks louder!

Or helped you heal the wounds when someone you thought you loved is now an ex.

EMI / Via

Perhaps you have her flawless choreography to thank for your ability to keep a dance floor moving.

EMI / Via

"¡Mueve, mueve la cintura!"

Or maybe her infectious laugh lifted your spirits when life dragged you through the mud.

Agree / Via

That laugh could convert even the grumpiest of people.

So we want to know, how has Selena changed YOUR life? Tell us your stories in the comments below!

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