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19 Photos From LA That'll Make The Rest Of The World Say "WTF"

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1. When Hollywood smoked a fat one:

2. When the Syphilis Tsunami hit the streets of LA:

iamjrushing / Via

3. When gummy bears began to juice:

anniekarlymai / Via

4. And when the people eating those gummy bears had to get their fix at 2 AM:

5. When parking required a PhD:

6. When the TMZ bus heroically tried to end a car chase:

7. When breaking the law meant doing jumping jacks in a parking lot:

laurenmyers99 / Via

8. When this Lexus was sick of doing background work:

9. When the Kardashians couldn't even park in front of their own store:

10. When this dude who wanted to liven things up:

arandaharold / Via

11. When this mannequin showed off what she's workin' with:

doublejp / Via

12. When douche's everywhere rejoiced...and then got towed:

13. When Jessica couldn't make it to Julie's party:

14. When a minion blimp terrorized the skies of LA:

15. When this truck...existed:

16. When this dude redefined luxury:

17. When burritos lived in a Redbox prison:

18. When this building was doing the most:

19. And finally, when it took a whole fucking hour to go around the block:

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