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19 Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For Every Middle Child

It's always "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

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1. When you feel blessed that you're at least not riding on the roof.

Sitting in the trunk of my mom's prius because there's not enough room #middlechildproblems

2. When your achievements are overshadowed by your siblings.

When your family doesnt display your award but instead uses it just to prop up your brother's...#MiddleChildProblems

3. When even the people who named you can't remember what you're called.

#GrowingUpAMiddleChild getting called all your siblings names' but your own by everyone in the family including your mother

4. When your bedroom doubles as a guest room and storage unit.

When your house gets remodeled and your family puts everything in your room #middlechildproblems


5. When you can't get attention even if there's a hashtag dedicated to it.

#growingupamiddlechild won't trend because we're always the forgotten ones 😂

6. When you'll always be the victim, even if no one realizes it.

#growingupamiddlechild constantly being picked on by the oldest and being annoyed by the youngest :)

7. When you're always behind the lens rather than in front of it.

Lol where I'm i? Behind the camera!! #middlechildproblems 👪💜

8. When you're always the family scapegoat.

#GrowingUpAMiddleChild your the first one to blame whether you were there or not .


9. When you're used to standing on the outskirts.

@lizziemeyer you, me and Andy at Christmas? 😂 #middlechildproblems

10. When you have a little too much freedom.

i ran away and came back but no one noticed haha #GrowingUpAMiddleChild

11. When everybody forgets the day you came into the world.

I was feeling the love today from Dad.. 😂🙈 clearly not the favourite child after all 😭 #middlechildproblems

12. When your opinion holds less weight than that of your siblings.

Mom asked me and my older brother what we wanted for dinner... Me: roti... Older brother: hot dogs... We had hot dogs #middlechildproblems


13. When your stocking is never quite as full.

"Tis the season to be neglected!" NEW post at #Christmas #Chanukah #MiddleChildProblems

14. When your hobbies take a backseat.

My dad just asked me if was going to Mel's choir concert on Monday... I'm in choir.... #forgottenone. #middlechildproblems

15. When your parents hang up coupons instead of a photo of you.

When your picture's not even on your own fridge #middlechildproblems

16. When your birthday isn't enough of an event to be remembered.

#growingupamiddlechild your mom and dads phone passwords are your siblings birthdays because it's easier to remember


17. When you're essentially a ghost in your own home.

Mom just texted me telling me that I need to come home. I've been home for three hours. #invisible #middlechildproblems

18. When a Starbucks barista has a better shot at spelling your name right.

My own mother spelt my name wrong... #MiddleChildProblems

19. And finally, when the only other people who get you are the fellow forgotten children (AKA the middle child).

This page describes me perfectly #middlechildproblems