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    Damnnnnnn, Henry Cavill

    Man of Steal Yo Heart

    Hello thirsty friends. If you recently experienced Mission: Impossible – Fallout, then you also experienced the gift that keeps on giving: Henry Cavill.

    We've always known the man is a feast, but his turn as August Walker just made us extra hungry.

    For one, he's not afraid to rid himself of those pesky things we call shirts.

    Seriously, he's not a fan (thank god).


    He's got us wanting to switch careers and become whoever this person wiping him down is.

    And he proves time and time again that we don't need water to get wet.

    He's got a big, long, hefty hammer.

    And an even bigger dog.

    We can only dream of being General Zod in this moment.

    That chest hair is the pillow we all deserve.

    And those arms are strong enough to carry all of our hopes and dreams.

    We're not kidding.

    Ever wondered what a thrust from Superman looks like? Wonder no more!

    If being hot was the ultimate superpower, he'd leave The Justice League AND The Avengers in the dust...

    ...although, they'd be pretty lucky with a view like this.

    He will always be our rubber band king...

    ...with or without the mustache.

    Just don't ever turn your back on us Cavill (though that view is nice too).

    In conclusion...