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21 Hairy Men That’ll Be Your Teddy Bear This Valentine’s Day

The only bear hug you'll ever need.

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1. Adam, a smoldering fiend.

2. Charles, a sun-bathing sexpot.

charleslavon / Via

3. Fabricio, a studious stud.

ffcosta12 / Via

4. Petros, who is toothbrush tasty.

petros_sp / Via

5. Foad, an outdoorsy hunk.

trainer.f / Via

6. Hamington, a bearded beauty.

hamington16 / Via

7. Bernardo, a showerin' showstopper.

bernardo.m.t / Via

8. Lego, a muscled cutie.

legogomes / Via

9. Kemoze, a handsome fox.

kemoze / Via

10. Eddie, a burly charmer.

plush_teddie / Via

11. Luiz, a smiling cutie.

luizaraujoluiz / Via

12. Mitch, a flexin' fellow.

itchymitchy82 / Via

13. Karim, a hunk with double-vision.

karimharati / Via

14. Christian, a furry beefcake.

shamelesscub / Via

15. Kenny, a smokin' stunner.

karnkenny / Via

16. Lito, a hot dreamboat.

holdmywhiskeyuphigh / Via

17. Ugo, an eye-catching swooner.

uistheking / Via

18. Ricardo, a sleepy looker.

guyoverboard / Via

19. Alex, a stretched-out god.

alexlodj / Via

20. Diego, a golden babe.

d_lozano_ / Via

21. And finally, this literal teddy bear.

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