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25 Times The Growing Up Catholic Hashtag Was Too Real

"May the force be with you...and also with you."

1. When you never ate alone because Jesus and his disciples ate right there with you.

#growingupcatholic this pic is somewhere in your house, probably near the kitchen.

2. When you never understood why they had to put so much legwork into one mass.

Standing up when everyone else stood up, kneeling when everyone else knelt. Never questioning a fucking thing #growingupcatholic

3. When you were sadly overlooked while extending the sign of peace.

#growingupcatholic me trying to shake hands in church

4. When you openly sinned right in front of Jesus's portrait and felt that Catholic guilt.

Sad Jesus hanging on the wall in the kitchen watching you eat your dinner and silently judging you #growingupcatholic

5. When you tried to ward off Satan or ace your math test by lighting a bunch of these candles.

#GrowingUpHispanic #GrowingUpCatholic Buying these type of candles

6. When you felt really awkward in your first communion getup...

#GrowingUpCatholic Not having professionally taken First Communion pictures like all of your friends,instead u have:

7. ...and then were constantly reminded of it when your parents decorated your house with the photos.

8. When you felt like a total BO$$ when you opened all your Communion gifts.

#growingupcatholic after making your communion:

9. When you panicked the moment you thought you lost your parents for good.

#GrowingUpCatholic forgetting where your family was sitting walking back from communion

10. When pop culture phrases sayings took on a whole new meaning for you.

11. When holy water became the ultimate cure to any ailment.

When your sick and Mam hands you this to make you better #growingupcatholic

12. When you attended a friend's church out of curiosity and felt like a fish out of water.

#GrowingUpCatholic *goes to Protestant service for first time*

13. When you wondered how many more Filet-O-Fish's you could actually take before you caved.

I wonder how many of these I ate as a youngster during Lent? #growingupcatholic #onlyabuck

14. When your children's books were a mix of Little Golden Books and biblical stories.

15. When you had to literally be coaxed into going to confession...

#GrowingUpCatholic parents dragging you to confession like

16. ...and then made something up just so you felt like you had a reason to be there.

Trying to think of an obscure sin for confession so the priest doesn't feel like he's wasting his time #growingupcatholic

17. When altars weren't just in church, they were part of your everyday life.

18. When you entertained yourself during mass at the expense of others.

#GrowingUpCatholic crushing your sibling's hand during the Our Father

19. When you felt real cool on Ash Wednesday and compared your ashes with everybody else's.

Being fiercely competitive over who had the best one of these on Ash Wednesday. #GrowingUpCatholic

20. When you had unreasonable anxiety while waiting in line for the Eucharist...

Never knowing, given the priest of the day, whether to offer your hands or your tongue. #growingupcatholic

21. ...and then had trouble getting the body of Christ to cooperate.

the body of christ getting stuck on the top of your mouth so you have to stick your finger in to get it off #growingupcatholic

22. When you were often confused as to what a sin really was.

Making room for Jesus at the disco #growingupcatholic

23. When you made it seem like you were participating in mass by mouthing some gibberish.

Moving your mouth and mumbling and pretending you knew all the prayers #growingupcatholic

24. When staying awake became the number one mission during an extra-long service...

#GrowingUpCatholic trying to stay awake during stations of the cross

25. ...and then finally feeling extra grateful when you heard the priest utter these words.

Saying "Thanks be to God" with real meaning when the priest says "The mass is ended, go in peace" #growingupcatholic