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19 Boyfriend Fails From 2018 That'll Make You Glad You're Single

Some may be single come 2019.

1. This guy who cut up an avocado the only way he knew how:

2. This dude who's just not getting it:

3. This guy who didn't get the hint when his girlfriend told him to dress as The Penguin:

4. This dude who was told to put the clothes out to dry:

5. This boyfriend who took on the challenge of drawing on his girlfriend's right brow:

6. This boyfriend who tried to show off and didn't quite succeed:

7. This guy who melted some Kraft singles on tortilla chips and called 'em nachos:

8. This boyfriend who put the butter away in a dirty fridge just like this:

9. This guy who was asked to give his girlfriend ice cream in a bowl:

10. This boyfriend who had some interesting showers:

11. This boyfriend who followed a Bob Ross tutorial with his girlfriend and, in all fairness, did the best he could:

12. This guy who tried his very best:

13. This boyfriend who no longer deserves this great photo of himself:

14. This boyfriend who unevenly hung up all his certificates:

15. This guy who overestimated his pumpkin carving abilities:

16. This boyfriend who drunkenly texted his girlfriend asking where she was at while standing right next to her:

17. This boyfriend who's never heard of a perforation:

18. This boyfriend who did the most:

19. And finally, this boyfriend who reattached a blind from the wrong set of blinds: