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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up Eating Tamales

"And on the third day, God created tamales."

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1. You always tried to sneak past the kitchen when you got a whiff of some fresh tamales...

2. ...but then your mom would catch you, complain about how she does "everything around here," and then made you help.

3. You either helped her out with a big ol' "smile" on your face...

4. ...or you managed to fuck it up somehow...

5. ...and your mom would side-eye you and question how you would ever survive without her.

6. You often opened the lid to the pot too early and received the hottest facial of your life.

7. But that kind of heat was nothing in comparison to the 🔥 chisme your tías would serve up while making them.

8. When the holidays rolled around, your family would always miscalculate and make 200 more tamales than you needed.

9. So you had to eat 'em for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner for weeks after...

10. ...and instantly became the proud mother of your very own food baby.

11. Your mom never hesitated to call you a gordita every time you reached for one more...


12. ...but it's not like you gave a fuck anyway.

13. You dreaded going to your non-Latino friend's house around the holidays in fear of encountering food that wasn't tamales.

14. You always prayed that the tamal wouldn't cling to the wrapping every time you opened one.

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15. Or that it wouldn't just be a big ol' dry masa clump with no filling.

cjette / CC / Via Flickr: illyrias

16. It was always hard for you to trust tamales that weren't made by a member of your own family.


17. And you were cautious about other chingaderas masquerading as tamales.

18. When your family was feeling adventurous, you would receive some pretty ~creative~ surprises.

Just like dessert, except not really.
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Just like dessert, except not really.

19. But, of course, there was nothing more thrilling than eating them with the people you love most in this world. ❤️

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