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Literally Just 19 Hilarious Tweets About Hot Cheetos

"I want someone to look at me the way I look at a bag of unopened Hot Cheetos."

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1. When Hot Cheetos become a health hazard:

2. When you go for a bold new look:

3. When your addiction hits a new low:

4. When you understand the demand:

5. When they're there for you in times of trouble:

6. When you're all about "clean eating":

7. When you can't grab just one:

8. When you look to others for support:

9. When they help you celebrate milestones:

10. When the dust becomes invasive:

11. And so you find clever ways to avoid it:

12. When you become one with the Hot Cheetos:

13. When your stomach refuses to forgive you:

14. When you're just looking for some love:

15. When you don't mess with people who can't handle the heat:

Columbia Pictures / Via Twitter: @aphrodeetie

16. When you go to the grocery store for one reason alone:

17. And feel a connection with others in the same boat:

18. When you go public with your obsession:

19. And finally, when no one can take you away from your one true love:

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