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    17 Girlfriends Who've Discovered The Secret To A Long Relationship

    Step your game up, boyfriends.

    1. This girlfriend who dropped this birthday cake off for her boyfriend while he was at work:

    Jiveturkey714 / Via

    2. This girl who showed up to her boyfriend's birthday party dressed as him:

    mattbozle / Via

    3. This girlfriend who is a hairdresser and left this waiting for her boyfriend:

    u/scotttopic / Via

    4. This girlfriend who made these pillows for her boyfriend and his disgruntled roommates:

    potent_potables_ / Via

    5. This girlfriend who finished putting the Christmas tree up:

    snapshot-snaps / Via

    6. This girlfriend who took a sexy selfie:

    sooooawkward / Via

    7. This girlfriend who pretended to shave her eyebrows off:

    8. This girlfriend who's got an offer no one can refuse:

    9. This girl who taped a photo of Nic Cage to her boyfriend's reverse camera:

    brittabean988126 / Via

    10. This girl who, frankly, bought her boyfriend the only socks that matter:

    11. This girlfriend who didn't hold back:

    12. This girl who's lookin' real sweet:

    13. This girlfriend who got crafty:

    14. This girlfriend who got her man a beautiful present:

    15. This girlfriend who shared this touching message with her guy:

    sergius1898 / Via

    16. This girl who surprised her boyfriend by giving herself a makeover:

    Danielle S / Via

    17. And finally, this girlfriend who gave her boyfriend a mousepad with a beautiful photo of herself on it:

    OfficialDampSquid / Via

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