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    17 Cats Who Stole Someone's Boyfriend Or Husband And Had Zero Remorse

    If you're not careful, a cat will steal your boyfriend too.

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    1. This cat who rightfully claimed their spot on the couch:

    She loves reminding me I'm basically my husband's side chick. from cats

    2. This cat who took eye contact to the next level:

    When she steals yo man successfully😼

    3. This cat who was caught in the act:

    Daisy and my boyfriend, with Daisy asserting her role as his true girlfriend, lol. The look she gave me! from aww

    4. This cat who displayed nothing but true love:

    My cat absolutely adores my boyfriend from aww

    5. This cat who won't let go of what is theirs:

    My cat is trying to steal my boyfriend from aww

    6. This cat who is living her best life:

    My boyfriend and his best girl Bitey making sure I know I'm the side chick from aww

    7. This cat who knows exactly what they're doing:

    I think my cat just stole my boyfriend... from aww

    8. This cat who got the cuddle spot first:

    Thought I'd roll over and cuddle with my boyfriend this morning. Spot was already taken. from aww

    9. This cat who never agreed to sharing and asserted that man is all hers:

    Never thought I'd have to share my boyfriend with my cat, but she's been in love since day one. from aww

    10. This cat who just wants to be shown a little attention:

    My cat is in love with my boyfriend from aww

    11. This cat who shares a love of gaming with the love of their life:

    My boyfriend and my cat... a match made in heaven from aww

    12. This cat who got very territorial:

    I think my cat stole my boyfriend from me

    13. This cat who created a compelling love story of their own:

    Three years ago I was falling in love with this guy. So was my cat.

    14. This cat who couldn't believe how lucky they got:

    You all deserve someone in your lives who looks at you the same way my cat looks at my boyfriend from aww

    15. This cat who even got the couple selfie down pat:

    My boyfriend and our cat are close...too close? from aww

    16. This cat who had the best sleep of her life:

    I think she's trying to steal my boyfriend from aww

    17. And finally, this kitten who chose their ride-or-die on day one:

    We got two kittens and this one instantly bonded with my boyfriend. Meet Bandit! from aww

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