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    17 Cats Who Stole Someone's Boyfriend Or Husband And Had Zero Remorse

    If you're not careful, a cat will steal your boyfriend too.

    1. This cat who rightfully claimed their spot on the couch:

    2. This cat who took eye contact to the next level:

    When she steals yo man successfully😼

    3. This cat who was caught in the act:

    4. This cat who displayed nothing but true love:

    5. This cat who won't let go of what is theirs:

    6. This cat who is living her best life:

    7. This cat who knows exactly what they're doing:

    8. This cat who got the cuddle spot first:

    9. This cat who never agreed to sharing and asserted that man is all hers:

    10. This cat who just wants to be shown a little attention:

    11. This cat who shares a love of gaming with the love of their life:

    12. This cat who got very territorial:

    I think my cat stole my boyfriend from me

    13. This cat who created a compelling love story of their own:

    Three years ago I was falling in love with this guy. So was my cat.

    14. This cat who couldn't believe how lucky they got:

    15. This cat who even got the couple selfie down pat:

    16. This cat who had the best sleep of her life:

    17. And finally, this kitten who chose their ride-or-die on day one: