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    23 Husbands Who Really Figured Out This Whole Marriage Thing

    If he's not gonna make me a whole cheesecake, I don't want him.

    1. This husband who transformed a bike into a work of art:

    2. This husband who put all his love behind this tree skirt:

    3. This husband who gave his spouse the ultimate bath experience:

    My very clever husband made me a bath entirely from free and up-cycled things and this is where I live now 😭

    Twitter: @ehenryjones

    4. This husband who took COVID protocols and made them into an art piece for their spouse's office:

    5. This husband who made a frosted animal cookie cheesecake that I desperately want to try:

    6. This husband who transported his wife into the land of Nintendo:

    7. This husband who didn't let his wife settle for a fake Zoom backround:

    8. This husband who made sure every blanket had a loving box to live in:

    9. This husband who is about to have the best garden in the world:

    10. This husband who gave his foster children the world:

    11. This husband who knew the importance of his spouse's succulents:

    12. This husband who looked after his spouse's dog in the best way possible:

    13. And this husband who made Stan a very happy cat:

    14. This husband who gave his spouse the five-star treatment:

    My husband created a breakfast menu for me and it's the cutest thing ever

    Twitter: @InchOrInfinity

    15. This husband who created a spice rack worth dreaming about:

    16. This husband who knew that a blanket fort is always the perfect gift:

    17. This husband who put a lot of work into creating a one-of-a-kind piece:

    18. This husband who didn't let anyone bully him out of giving his wife a thoughtful gift:

    19. This husband who will soon make Dagr a bestseller:

    20. This husband who might have created the next viral sensation:

    My husband made me an açaí bowl birthday breakfast cake and I think he may have stumbled onto the next viral food trend.

    Twitter: @kelliegerardi

    21. This husband who put his heart into a pen:

    My friggen husband MADE ME a PEN. Look at it! 😭😭😭💛💛💛 he spun the wood out of a large chunk of wood I picked out 😭😭😭 omg my heart is exploding. (I’ll take a day light pic tomorrow)

    Twitter: @myreadingisodd

    22. This husband who gave the gift of literature:

    For my birthday, my talented & creative husband built me a Little Free Library to share my love of reading with the children in our neighborhood. @LtlFreeLibrary #lfl #bookjoy #booklove

    Twitter: @lauramossa

    23. And finally, this husband who themed his road trip memories after The Oregon Trail.

    For my birthday my husband made me a photo album of our road trip from Missouri to North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska...😂

    Twitter: @sarahkendzior