19 Apology Cakes That Will Make You Say, "I Need The Back Story"

    "Sorry I set you on fire."

    1. For when the underworld doesn't accept your request:

    2. For when you think you're being funny:

    3. For when the night gets too wild:

    4. For when there's an unfortunate circumstance:

    5. For when you take one shot too many:

    6. For when you said the wrong thing at the wrong time:

    7. For when you practice your pyrotechnic skills:

    8. For when you mess up just a little bit:

    9. For when you get out of hand:

    10. For when your advice goes south:

    11. For when you have a close call:

    12. For when it's someone's birthday but you also messed up:

    13. And for when you can't find the bathroom...again:

    14. For when you get a head start:

    15. For when you laugh when you shouldn't:

    16. For when you're irresponsible:

    17. For when you're only thinking of yourself:

    18. For when you ruin the cat's night:

    19. And finally, for when you accept your reality: