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23 Food Truths Only Mexicans Would Understand

Gansitos > Twinkies

1. You know that pan dulce is everything doughnuts wish they were.

2. And that corn on the cob is basically pointless unless it's slathered in mayo, cheese, and chili.

3. You know for a fact that these aren't real tacos.

4. Which is why these trucks are an absolute blessing. 🙏

5. You have the unique privilege of making tamales your breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

6. And you'll go for fruit only if it's sprinkled with a mountain of Tajín.

7. Or possibly popcorn drenched in Tapatío or Valentina.

8. Roasting chiles is just about as deadly as carbon monoxide.

9. And flipping a tortilla on the comal is an art form that shouldn't be performed by the weak.

10. You also don't need utensils when you've got a tortilla on hand.

11. You basically squeeze lime onto everything and anything, especially Hot Cheetos.

12. And you know that a Twinkie just can't compete with what a Gansito brings to the table.

13. You never really care about having a chili-covered arm when you dig deep for these...

14. ...or when you get burned from eating a hot churro too quickly.

15. You realize that regular sandwiches are basically just very sad versions of tortas.

16. And that any hangover can be made better with a just a little menudo.

17. You know that you love all your abuelitas equally, even if one is made of chocolate.

18. And your idea of a proper juice cleanse is to drink aguas frescas...

19. ...and licuados.

20. You're luckier than most — you know your way around traditional meatballs and you sure as hell know your way around an albondiga.

21. Every party involves a group of tíos hovering around the carne asada.

22. And you often find yourself eating beans more frequently than you'd like.

23. Everyone in your family will claim that they make the best salsa...

...but in the end, you're just happy you have people to share that salsa with. ❤️