23 Food Truths Only Mexicans Would Understand

Gansitos > Twinkies

1. You know that pan dulce is everything doughnuts wish they were.

jessanotherbite / Via instagram.com

The sweetest thing since sliced bread!

2. And that corn on the cob is basically pointless unless it’s slathered in mayo, cheese, and chili.

labiafoodies / Via instagram.com

Love comes covered in mayo.

3. You know for a fact that these aren’t real tacos.

rogg522 / Via instagram.com

Despite what everyone else says.

4. Which is why these trucks are an absolute blessing.

jackcwang / Via instagram.com

Not all heroes wear capes.

5. You have the unique privilege of making tamales your breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

aj_shorty92 / Via instagram.com

Enough to feed a village.

6. And you’ll go for fruit only if it’s sprinkled with a mountain of Tajín.

havecakeeattoo / Via instagram.com

Except probably bananas. Leave bananas alone.

7. Or possibly popcorn drenched in Tapatío or Valentina.

penny_r13 / Via instagram.com

*Popcorn sizzles*

8. Roasting chiles is just about as deadly as carbon monoxide.

kidhaymaker / Via instagram.com

Cracking a window won’t save you now.

9. And flipping a tortilla on the comal is an art form that shouldn’t be performed by the weak.

And using a microwave is just plain sacrilegious.

10. You also don’t need utensils when you’ve got a tortilla on hand.

A utensil you can eat! There’s nothing better than that.

11. You basically squeeze lime onto everything and anything, especially Hot Cheetos.

caddy_love / Via instagram.com

Is your mouth watering yet?

12. And you know that a Twinkie just can’t compete with what a Gansito brings to the table.

adela8405 / Via instagram.com

Forget Little Debbie, too.

13. You never really care about having a chili-covered arm when you dig deep for these…

heathermcbomb / Via instagram.com

It never won’t look like a murder scene.

14. …or when you get burned from eating a hot churro too quickly.

elliottleenz / Via instagram.com

15. You realize that regular sandwiches are basically just very sad versions of tortas.

_mzjayyster / Via instagram.com

If sandwiches could evolve, then a torta would be it’s final, superior form.

16. And that any hangover can be made better with a just a little menudo.

jeff_tac / Via instagram.com

Any excuse to have menudo is OK in my book.

17. You know that you love all your abuelitas equally, even if one is made of chocolate.

deniselpz1 / Via instagram.com

Hot chocolate needs that Abuelita touch.

18. And your idea of a proper juice cleanse is to drink aguas frescas…

lauraangelica21 / Via instagram.com


19. …and licuados.

emanueljofre / Via instagram.com

Basically a Mexican protein shake.

20. You’re luckier than most — you know your way around traditional meatballs and you sure as hell know your way around an albondiga.

justme_jamie / Via instagram.com

This can cure* any cold.

*Or so you were told.

21. Every party involves a group of tíos hovering around the carne asada.

jetpackfett / Via instagram.com

The chisme is strong around the asada.

22. And you often find yourself eating beans more frequently than you’d like.

tray__c / Via instagram.com

It’s basically beans or nothing.

23. Everyone in your family will claim that they make the best salsa…

javicho76 / Via instagram.com

*Laughs maniacally*

…but in the end, you’re just happy you have people to share that salsa with.

t0mass0n / Via instagram.com

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