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This Is Everything That Happens When You Grow Up Eating Tortillas

There's nothing cute about a burnt tortilla.

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1. You nearly burned your house down more times than you care to admit...

2. ...and there was no hiding the smell of regret every time you fucked up.

3. A comal was a permanent fixture on your stove top...

4. ...and this tortilla warmer was a functional piece of your kitchen decor.

5. You were shamed into learning how to flip a tortilla with your bare hands...

6. ...and your fingers always paid the ultimate price.

Young Money / Twitter: @MoeEspinoza

7. But once you got it down, you felt like you could conquer the world.

8. You often resorted to eating tacos de sal as an afternoon snack...

9. ...or just melted some butter on a tortilla and called it a day.

10. You never saw the need to pull out a spoon...

11. ...until the tortillas ran out and you had absolutely no choice.

12. You had this aisle ingrained into your memory...

13. ...and choosing between harina and maiz was like making a life or death decision.

14. You knew that no store-bought tortilla could EVER match a homemade delicacy...

15. ...and got an oddly satisfying thrill each time you got to flatten that sucker down.

16. You never hesitated to reach for just one more tortilla...

17. ...and you've never forgotten the smell that always reminds you of home.

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