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    19 Fiancés Who Might Not Make It Down The Aisle After All

    Better to spot a red flag before signing that marriage license.

    1. This fiancé who needs to learn how to clean up after themselves:

    A nearly empty toothpaste bottle sitting in a ceramic cup smeared with residual toothpaste
    BootyFista / Via

    2. This fiancé who will NEVER live this down:

    my fiancé just accidentally air dropped a picture of my tiddie to my sister. I would love to die.

    3. This fiancé who needs to learn that you neverrrr set your head on anything after a haircut:

    A pillow covered in loose hair
    veedoe69 / Via

    4. This fiancé who got into the Christmas spirit:

    Christmas tree box covered in lights
    Neyubin / Via

    5. This fiancé who tried their best to scare the life out of their partner:

    A print out of a face placed in a jar and hiding in the fridge so it looks like a head in a jar
    u/Subculturex / Via
    u/Subculturex / Via

    6. This fiancé who craved that little pizza air bubble:

    A pizza with a bite taken from the middle of it
    jaaywags / Via

    7. This fiancé who saw that empty side of the sink and said, "Nah":

    One side of the sink has ice and is empty while the other has dishes that are now covered in coffee
    alyssaleenicole / Via

    8. This fiancé who might be part werewolf:

    A mangled box of aluminum foil
    hobbitbutts / Via

    9. This fiancé who deserved to be exposed:

    A person sorted pins by color on a pin cushion and their fiancé took credit for it on Reddit and got 2,000 likes for it
    albicanto / Via

    10. This fiancé who totally listened:

    A guy wearing a shirt that says, "I am not American" despite being told by his partner to blend in and not look American on a trip
    Taherham / Via

    11. This fiancé who didn't give his partner a choice:

    Guy dressed up as his fianceé for Halloween
    adamwhenderson / Via

    12. This fiancé who totally did this on purpose:

    Man being engulfed by bubbles in his bathtub
    lauraseb / Via

    13. This fiancé who left plain vanilla ice cream in the freezer for NOTHING:

    Tiny burnt cookies on a cookie sheet made from cookie dough that's found in ice cream
    macycakes / Via

    14. This fiancé who thought this was an acceptable way to cut a cake:

    Cake that has a huge rectangular piece cut out of it as opposed to a triangular piece
    reginaldvontooshface / Via

    15. This fiancé who's too evil for words:

    A fake but realistic spider sitting on a light switch
    Zatzy / Via

    16. This fiancé who needed to be corrected:

    A bottle of Tide detergent and Downy fabric softener, of which the latter was used to wash clothes instead of the detergent
    Powatanner / Via

    17. This fiancé who is about to have some interesting convos with their partner:

    An iPhone that has been set up to change the words "ok" to "doodie ba skoodie," "the" to "bo biddly," and "what" to "fiddle dooken"
    blockergriffin / Via

    18. This fiancé who will no longer be getting any bites of their partner's food:

    A half of a grilled cheese sandwich that's been bitten from the crust and not from the middle
    wolfbyte_ / Via

    19. And finally, this fiancé who brought his MacBook into the bathroom...for whatever reason:

    A Macbook charger cord running into the bathroom
    Hotroddeluxe86 / Via

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