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    What People Expect 4th Of July To Be Like Vs. What It's Actually Like

    "I put my hands up, they're playing my song..."

    1. You expect to hear our nation's anthem at least ONCE throughout the day.

    ercvid / Via

    But end up listening to this anthem about 5,000 times over instead.

    Hollywood Records

    2. You picture yourself eating your weight in grilled delicacies.

    luketbo / Via

    But end up spending most of the day munching on a bag of Doritos while you wait for the meat to cook.

    3. You expect to be sitting in the shade, sippin' on a nice cold drink.

    But instead end up directly under the sun while you melt like a Yankee candle.

    4. You expect to bake some sort of iconic patriotic dessert that'll blow everyone away.

    its73hey / Via

    But end up with something a little less Pinterest-y.

    wilemonade / Via

    5. You assume you'll spend your day partying outside with the people you love most.

    claudia.m.m.7 / Via

    But actually end up on some couch having a full-blown conversation with the family dog.

    6. You expect to see a massive and magical display of fireworks.


    But end up buying a pack of sparklers so you can try to write your name with the smoke in your driveway.

    7. Or you may go all out and pay a shit ton of money for some fireworks that you think will look sick AF.

    jking_1029 / Via

    But end up seeing something that's almost as underwhelming as your ex.

    8. If you do go out and see fireworks, you expect to take some badass photos for the gram.

    Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

    But then end up with a few dozen blurry photos and a "low space" warning on your phone.

    9. You expect to be kissing your dream person while each firework lights up the night sky.

    But instead say "wow, cool," go home, and kiss both Betty and Crocker.

    10. You expect not to hear any more fireworks after midnight since it's July 5th.


    But you then quickly realize that it'll NEVER end.

    Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

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