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    23 Hilarious "Arthur" Memes That'll Make You Say, "Am I D.W.?"

    Arthur who?

    1. When your eye bags have bags:

    2. When you're sick of this shit:

    3. When your brain does the most:

    4. When you ignore the signs:

    5. When Satan is around the corner:

    6. When you fact-check a story:

    7. When the liquor slaps you across the face:

    8. When you begin hearing things:

    9. When you know yourself well:

    10. When you're juggling 3,000 things at once:

    11. When your friends just don't get it:

    12. When you're hungry AF:

    13. When you should have just minded your business:

    14. When you're feeling nostalgic:

    15. When you just wanted to watch a movie:

    16. When men can't just take it slow:

    17. When you're being played:

    18. When you're just trying to make friends:

    19. When you bond through hate:

    20. When this is more accurate than it needs to be:

    21. When you wish you could just disappear:

    22. When you get crafty:

    23. And finally, when you show your family your true self: