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17 Sons And Daughters Who Drunk-Texted Their Parents In The Most Awkward Way Possible

Why drunk-text an ex when you can text your mom instead?

1. This person who mistakenly revealed to their mom that they're lonely:

2. This person who combined autocorrect with liquor:

3. This person who messed up and then had to save herself the next morning:

4. This person who thought this was the time to share this "hack":

5. This person who ended their night on a nauseous note:

Most ppl drunk text past lovers. Me, an intellectual, drunk text my dad :)

6. This person who basically created their own life story:

7. This person who said TOO MUCH:

8. This person whose mom was not about to lose out on sleep:

Accidentally drunk texted my mom last night I guess.

9. This person who I guess loves beer a whole lot:

10. This person who was just curious:

Usually people drunk text their exes, well I drunk text my mom

11. This person who reminded her mom to never turn down:

The best part about last night was definitely when me and @andrewkielar drunk texted our moms

12. This person who planned their hangover meal in advance:

13. This person who drunkenly bullied her dad:

What happens when I drunk text my dad

14. This person who used her mom as a food alarm clock:

15. This person who wanted to share the Pixar joy with Lauren:

16. This person who was just genuinely concerned for her mom:

How single do you have to be to drunk text your mom?

17. And finally, this person who didn't even get the chance to text her dad:

Apparently I tried to drunk text my dad the other night. Didn't get very far.

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