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    17 Drunken Texts From Sisters That Are Just Really, Really Funny

    "Hello did you get eaten by a shark?"

    1. When you've got your sister's back:

    2. When you're getting drunchies:

    3. When you feel sad:

    4. When you need reassurance:

    5. When you forget why you were texting in the first place:

    6. When your imagination runs wild:

    7. When you have all the answers:

    8. When your phone privileges need to be revoked:


    9. When you're in need of some help:

    10. When you try to be earnest:

    11. When you forgo talking altogether:

    12. When you're drunker than you thought:

    kenziesdaddy1986 / Via

    13. When you realize your mistakes:

    convos_withfriends / Via

    14. When you question everything:

    15. When you're more than alive:

    16. When you're persistent:

    17. And finally, when your true feelings come out:

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