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    18 Pets Who Are Dramatic And Proud Of It

    Watch out Meryl Streep, these pets are coming for your Oscar.

    1. This dog who said, "Just one bite":

    how did I end up with the most dramatic dog

    2. This cat who needs food NOW:

    3. This dog who took petty to a new level:


    my dog is actually so hurt that I didn’t share my lunch with him 💀#fyp #dogsoftiktok #dramaqueen

    ♬ original sound - Shrad.t

    5. This dog who knows how to get out of trouble:

    My dog Romeo got in trouble for going outside and getting dirty after a bath. He is soooo dramatic he starts crying

    6. This cat who deserves a snack ASAP:

    Believe it or not, I don’t always get what I want #cats #catsoftiktok #petlover

    ♬ original sound - honey

    7. This dog who will soon become the world's next scream queen:

    i keep hearing about how huskies are the most dramatic dogs and after watching this, i believe it

    8. This cat who used their words carefully:

    9. This dog who thinks they're in a music video:

    10. This cat whose Jack impression needs to be celebrated:

    11. This dog who clearly got on the other one's nerves:

    is anyone else’s dog this dramatic or is ours just broken?

    12. This cat who would rather be doing literally anything else:

    13. This dog who had the appropriate response to some nail clippers:

    14. This cat who never wants to see a vegetable again:

    15. This dog who wanted to stay dirty for once:

    16. This cat who is still mastering the art of subtlety:

    17. This dog who was betrayed:

    18. And finally, this cat who saw their nine lives flash before their eyes:


    That’s what happens when you give a cat ice cream🥴 #cat #brainfreeze #icecream #iceicebaby

    ♬ Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice