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23 Guys Who Just Need To Chill The Fuck Out

"Girl, you're hotter than the bottom of my laptop."

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1. The emoji lover:

2. The guy who escalates things way too quickly:

stephmarie89420 / Via

3. The guy who's still stuck on Harambe:

4. The guy who should get his computer fixed:

single_40_fabulous / Via

5. The doctor:

6. And the guy who should probably consult a doctor:

best_of_grindr / Via

7. The comedian:

lil_nicky79 / Via

8. The charitable guy:


9. The guy who starts off strong and ends weak:

10. The pothead:

11. The guy with the ego:

failingonlinedating / Via

12. The smartass:

themightyrho_ / Via

13. The visionary:

colermitchell / Via

14. The poet:

best_of_grindr / Via

15. The environmentalist:

pofwindsorfails / Via

16. The mourner:


17. The guy with no chill:

dietwhitetrash / Via

18. The potential baby daddy:

mymotherfarsi / Via

19. The workaholic:

20. The guy who googles "pickup lines":

(The answer is gummy bears.)
mymotherfarsi / Via

(The answer is gummy bears.)


21. Whatever kinda guy this is:

22. The answering machine:

oogledorf / Via

23. And finally, the epic saga:

gtfokcupid / Via