16 Pictures Of People Being 110% Wrong

    Pray to cheese-us for their souls.

    1. This person just made the biggest mistake of their life.

    2. Like, what are you even DOING?!

    3. And this person who may actually be the devil himself.

    4. Like why would you bite into string cheese?!?!

    5. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

    6. This is actually the worst thing anyone could see walking down a deserted hallway.

    7. And, OMG, this person just took it to a whole new level — are you kidding me?!

    8. Stop it.

    9. This person must have a vendetta against string cheese.

    10. Like, honestly, what did it ever do to you?

    11. In what life did string cheese wrong this person?

    12. This person doesn't even have the dignity to do it in private.

    13. And this person wants you to see, up close, what evil looks like.

    14. This person clearly has no problem committing a crime while driving.

    15. I can't even look at this one.

    16. RUDE AF.

    And yes, you did just look at 16 pictures of string cheese. You're welcome.