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    15 Dogs Who Are Eternally Loyal To Their Toys

    Never come between a dog and their favorite toy.

    1. This dog who's gone most of her life with the same toy by her side:

    2. This dog who couldn't handle one more second without his Snuggle Buddy:

    3. This protective dog and his lil' pig:

    4. This dog who outgrew her toy bear:

    5. This dog who refused to look away:

    6. And this dog who made sure Grandma performed the surgery correctly:

    7. This dog who's always got eggplant on the mind:

    8. This dog who found a new partner in crime:

    9. This cute baby with their equally cute duck:

    10. This dog who refuses to damage her best friend:

    11. This dog who put his toy pup through some tough times:

    12. This dog who is extra cautious:

    13. This dog who treats their toy like royalty:

    14. This dog who grew up with his hippo:

    His hippo is still his favorite toy

    15. And finally, this dog who finally found a toy he could tolerate: