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14 Heartwarming Tweets Of Dogs Getting Picked Up From Daycare

So many wagging tails!

1. This dog who immediately smiled as soon as he saw his owner:

Sugars reaction when he saw me arrive to pick him up from his play date/daycare 🤣❤️

2. This pup who dropped her leash, went back for it, then proceeded with her excitement:

This Will Make You Happy 😊💕😊 Good girl getting picked up after doggy daycare....don’t you just love how she prances and picks up her leash 🥰💕🐾🥰 I want a Labradoodle #woof #dogs

3. This dog who didn't let her height get in the way:

Picking Lucy up from daycare is one of the best things in the world. Makes my heart melt!

4. This dog who went for the jump–kiss combo:

In honour of #NationalMuttDay, here's a video of what happens when I pick up my mutt Boogie from the Petropolitan doggie daycare. (Rescuing our dog and cat is the best thing we've ever done. You should do it too.)

5. This good dog who oozed happiness:

6. This dog whose mood immediately changed as soon as he recognized his owner:

Picking up Galileo from the Day Care c:

7. This dog who wanted a sneak peak:

How Archer checks out who is picking him up from doggy daycare 🤣

8. This dog whose tail reveals all:

I'm so happy when Mummy picks me up fwom schcool!! #dogs #dachshund

9. This dog who already knew what time it was before the door even opened:

What's the best time of the day for a dog? When its human comes to pick it up, of course! Watch @matt_odonnell's pup's reaction...

10. This dog who always gives a spin on his way out:

@Kristen_Arnett when I pick him up from daycare he HAS to spin. it’s not optional

11. This dog who screamed, "I SEE YOU!":

my aunts dog gets way too excited for her to pick her up from doggy daycare

12. This dog who forgot just how big he was for a millisecond:

Best part of the day — picking up Arthur at doggie daycare. #Beagle @ULuckyDogDenver

13. This dog whose bestie refused to let him leave daycare:

Here’s a video of my dog Jeff’s best friend literally pulling him away from the door as he was getting ready to leave doggie daycare

14. And finally, this dog who just wanted to go back to be with her friends:

My dog is so upset about me picking her up from “doggy daycare” that she is refusing to get out of the car.

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