If Disney's Newest Christmas Ad Doesn't Make You Cry, Then You Don't Have A Heart

    I hope you've got tissues nearby.

    Despite November just beginning, it's never too early for some holiday cheer! Disney just released their newest animated ad for the Christmas season and it somehow found a way to make everyone cry in just under 3 minutes:

    Introducing the 2020 Disney Christmas Advert. #FromOurFamilyToYours ✨ #DisneyChristmasAd2020

    The ad, which features the Christmas traditions between a granddaughter and her lola (grandmother), is part of Disney EMEA's "From Our Family To Yours" campaign. They've partnered with Make-A-Wish to sell the vintage Mickey Mouse doll shown in the short to benefit the foundation.

    Vintage Mickey Mouse doll in the ad

    Because the short features a heartwarming story that features a Filipino family, people online were quick to talk about how special it felt. And yes, many cried:

    @Disney_UK Thank you Disney for this tribute to Filipino immigrant families! Nothing beats the Christmas feels in the Philippines but for sure this would bring sweet memories back to lolos and lolas (grandpa and grandma)

    A Filipino Christmas story from Disney... from the Mano Po to the Parol... makes me miss my Lola so much. Y’all don’t know how much this means to me 🥺

    @Disney_UK The moreno skin, the filipino nose, the Tatay, the Lola, the mano po, the Christmas parols, and right down to the frilly socks she wears as a kid! This is the first time I’ve felt so represented 🥰

    @Disney_UK @Disney @disney_uk Thank you for making this advert. I was so touched as me and my Lola share a love for Disney and she even brought me a similar Mickey! I felt like I was watching us! ❤️

    @Disney_UK The small details included here are amazing. It made me cry honestly. Even that part where her eyes asks her mom if its ok to accept the gift 🥺

    A FILIPINO FAMILY FEATURED IN A CHRISTMAS AD??? Hi, hello, I'm full weeping right now. All those little details? They got so many things right??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/ZI7aVZnsp0

    @Disney_UK This video shows how we, Filipinos, love our families from the bottom of our hearts Disney having a Filipino-themed ad for Christmas. My love for them went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    @Disney_UK I literally cried the moment the little girl started to ‘mano.’ As someone who grew up with my lola(rest in peace), this made me miss her and all the ‘parol’(Christmas Stars) she would bring out the the start of September.

    @Disney_UK We lost a lot of our elderly family members this year because of the pandemic & many won't be able to come home for Christmas due to limited access to transportation in their own places so this vid is really heartwarming and timely. Thank you for the tribute. Salamat, Disney. 🥺

    When I was a kid, @Disney movies used to make me cry showing me something I wish I could be. Today, this advert made me cry for showing me a part of who I am. 😭 #RepresentationMatters https://t.co/Cut1ZpgkNR

    Angela also pointed out to the The Drum that there are a few Easter eggs hidden throughout the short — two of which include the clip from Pixar's upcoming short Once Upon A Snowman, and a stack of Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney DVDs.

    Grandma watching the short while her granddaughter walks out the door

    There is also a snow globe with Disneyland in the center.

    The snow globe sitting on grandma's cabinet shelf

    As well as several hidden Mickeys throughout.

    The hidden Mickey is a clock on the grandma's mantle

    And if you're wondering about the song used in the short, it's a charity single titled "Love Is A Compass" performed by Griff. Proceeds from the single also go to Make-A-Wish.

    I, for one, want this short to be an hour and a half longer, so if you're listening Disney, please give us the feature film version as well. Thanks!

    Grandma and her granddaughter hugging

    If you'd like to purchase the vintage Mickey doll featured in the ad, you can find it on ShopDisney UK.