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    19 Photos That Prove The Sun Isn't The Hottest Thing In The Universe

    More like God-damn-frey Gao.

    1. This is Godfrey Gao.

    2. He's a Canadian model, actor, and the face of heaven itself.

    3. If you didn't already know about this work of art-turned-man, please join me on this journey.

    4. For one, every time he's in glasses I feel compelled to read an entire encyclopedia.

    5. Only he could transform sitting on a balcony into a model moment.

    6. And will make you wish you were this exact beach chair.

    7. He knows how to open up. 👀

    8. Almost as well as he knows how to make you smile.

    9. So look into his eyes and tell him how you feel already.

    10. Rumor is, the sun hits him at just right the right angle at any given moment.

    11. That's if he isn't the sun itself, because that smolder is damn hot.

    12. Like, COME ON.

    13. He's somehow managed to make the below the neck selfie look incredible.

    14. And can tousle my hair any day.

    15. He's even popular amongst our dog friends.

    16. Exhibit A:

    17. Oh, and cats. How do I become a cat?

    18. So if ya ever catch Godfrey out lookin' cute at a red carpet, say hi.

    19. But first, take a sip of water, you're gonna need it. 💦