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    If You Laugh At 16/18 Of These Memes, Then You're Extra AF

    Why do less when you can do more?

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    1. When you nearly die:

    2. When you get mixed messages:

    3. When you lose it all:

    4. When your roommate is just the worst:

    5. When your boss lays it down:

    6. When your heart is SHATTERED:

    bunchafunnyfriends / Via

    7. When you experience the ultimate betrayal:

    8. When you feel like you're surrounded with a bunch of liars and thieves:

    9. When you get ready to throw down:

    10. When your bestie flips the switch:

    11. When you discover your underlying powers:

    12. When you barely make it out alive:

    13. When you see things beyond this world:

    14. When your friends turn their backs on you:

    15. When you refuse to experience nature ever again:

    16. When you party like no one else ever has:

    17. When you become a literal hero:

    18. And finally, when you're literally trapped:

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