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    19 Horribly Designed Things That Will Definitely Kill Someone One Day

    You can't convince me these things weren't built to kill.

    1. This staircase that was decorated with broken bones in mind:

    2. This sidewalk gap that is just waiting to gobble up you or your dog:

    3. This slide that guarantees a twisted ankle each time:

    4. This piece of floor decor that looks even better when you trip over it:

    5. These break lights that are as small as this person's will to live:

    6. This shower spike that's straight out of Final Destination:

    7. This decorative intersection circle:

    8. These two bottles that provide either a deadly or delicious experience:

    9. This deck-and-chair combo that is out to get the elderly:

    10. This stairway that becomes an unintentional slide once you trip and tumble down:

    11. These hard wax beans that look like candy, are called candy, but are, in fact, NOT candy:

    12. This staircase that is not at all a ramp:

    13. This hand dryer placement that is shockingly bad:

    14. These white half spheres that are apparently made to cause crashes:

    15. This sprinkler placement that is truly electrifying: 

    16. This flap placement that aims to start a fire:

    17. This ring that may not kill you, but your knuckles surely won't appreciate:

    This Snow White ring stabs me everytime it catches on something. 🔪

    Twitter: @Baylee_Jae

    18. These erasers that shouldn't sound this tasty:

    19. And finally, this airbag that is sure to leave good-vibe welts all over your face:

    H/T: r/DangerousDesign and r/CrappyDesign.