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    I Didn't Expect To Be Thirsting After Satan In 2019 Yet Here I Am

    I'll kneel for you, Dark Lord.

    Warning: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead, as well as major sexiness.

    If you're horny for hell, chances are you already binged the second season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina this past week.

    And if you're horny in general, you've seen, paused, rewinded, and stared at the Dark Lord's true form in the season finale: A sexy-ass man.

    Along with his beautiful, hellish booty:

    If you look real closely, here's the booty in motion:

    This goes against my strict Catholic upbringing, but a guy just might stray to the dark side for Lucifer.

    And I'm not the only one who wants a taste of evil.

    ... just finished the second season of chilling adventures of sabrina and all i will say is that the dark lord in his true form can f*** me whenever he wants to

    I totally get why Lilith serves the Dark Lord now on #Sabrina 🙏🏼 #CAOS @sabrinanetflix #ChillingAdventuresOfSabrina

    ofc they made the dark lord hot Netflix out here making me question my morals.

    If you didn't already know or run to IMDb to see who Satan with abs is, he's Australian-born actor Luke Cook.

    And if you've already been thirsting after Mr. Cook here for ages, GOOD FOR YOU. Let me have this.

    As it turns out, Satan loves curtains, and, like, same.

    Same goes with sunbathing with a (very lucky) pup.

    Like, COME ON!

    He also catcalls Harvey Kinkle in his spare time.

    And yes, I did skim through Luke's Insta for the shirtless pics. What about it?!

    Here's a beautiful photo of him smiling with clothes on, and it's just as precious!

    And here's a random photo of him from 2017.

    Have I proven my point yet?

    In conclusion: