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    19 Dads Who Didn't Want A Dog And Came Around Real Fast

    A dog will change you for the better.

    1. This dad who pulled out all his DIY tricks for his best friend:

    2. This dad and dog who should become a crime-fighting duo:

    3. This dad who found a pup to tame that grumpiness:

    My grumpy old dad interacting with the dog he didn’t want: A thread

    4. This dad who will forever be on his dog's side:

    my dad: i don’t want a dog in the house! also my dad:

    5. This dad who gave his dog the gift that keeps on giving:

    Mi papá: no quiero perros en esta casa Also mi papá:

    6. This dad who has nothing but love in his eyes:

    my dad a year ago: "i don't want dogs in this house" my dad now:

    7. This dad who got in the perfect selfie:

    - La hija: Papá te escribo para decirte que me regalaron un cachorro muy lindo 😍 - El Papá: ¿COMO? YO NO QUIERO PERROS EN MI CASA, CUANDO LLEGUE NO QUIERO VERLO ALLÍ. ¡ÚLTIMA PALABRA! 🤬😤 El Papá 👇😂

    8. This dad who saw his pocket and took the opportunity:

    My dad: Ya no quiero perros Also my dad:

    9. This dad who was just as excited about a walk than his dog was:

    “I am not having a dog in this house”- Dad😭have u ever seen anything so precious I’m crying

    10. This dad who found a way to get his exercise in:

    my dad: “I don’t want any more dogs! If you get one, you’re taking care of it!!” also my dad:

    11. This dad who is practically attatched at the hip with his pooch:

    12. This dad and dog who have matching raincoats:

    13. This dad who found a new bed to sleep in:

    Mi papá antes de adoptar a Marta: no quiero perros en casa, no la vas a traer. Mi papá ahora:

    14. This dad who gave his dog a luxurious experience:

    Dad: i don’t want no damn dog in my house, i already got rid of 3 kids i don’t want another 5 months later Dad: Look i took off the legs so now he has a big doggie bed

    15. This dad who probably has 12 dogs now:

    "i don't want a dog he said" then he said "i don't want a second dog" yeah dad ok

    16. This dad who claims to not like dogs, and was then caught working alongside them:

    17. This dad who knows the importance of belly rubs:

    My dad: I don’t want a dog in the house Also my dad:

    18. This dad who is in tune with his cold pup's needs:

    my dad: ‘i’m not a dog person’ ‘i don’t want inside dogs’ he’s literally holding her bc she’s cold from her bath 😂😂

    19. And finally, this dad who made use of that front-facing camera: