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    17 Dads Who Made Their Kids Sigh In Disappointment

    You've heard of the "dad joke," now welcome the "dad fail."

    1. This dad who must have not seen a pizza before this day:

    2. This dad who needs to put the DIY projects to rest:

    3. This dad who meant well:

    That one time my dad tried to get fancy with the edit and people thought I died. 😭😭😭

    4. This dad who probably should have referred to a world map:

    5. This dad who loves a bit of chaos in his life:

    6. This dad who likes to take unnecessary risks:

    7. This dad who should be introduced to Tupperware:

    8. This dad who is just looking to burn the block down:

    9. This dad who could have put a little more effort in, but didn't:

    10. This dad who must have really thrown that towel roll down hard:

    11. This dad who apparently likes not having access to his white granulated sugar:

    12. This dad who was bamboozled:

    13. This dad who needs a lesson in food safety:

    14. This poor dad who should totally invent a printable video:


    15. This dad who probably doesn't care that his phone looks this way:

    16. This dad who got aggressive with a cereal box:

    17. And finally, this dad who doesn't like using his TV's full capacities: