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Cutting A Family Member Out Of Your Life Can Be Hard But Necessary — Have You Done It?

You shouldn't have to suffer just because you share some DNA with someone.

They say blood is thicker than water, but when someone taints that supply with their toxicity, there is no reason why we should keep any bad person in our lives, even if they are a family member.


Sure, cutting them out is difficult, and often comes with immense feelings of guilt, but taking care of your own physical and mental wellbeing matters too.


So, I'm curious to know, if you've ever cut a toxic family member out of your life, what prompted you to do it? And what was that experience like?

Perhaps you've got a parent who lacks empathy and has spent more time cutting you down than actually supporting you and nurturing your self-esteem. And once you made the very difficult decision to cut that negativity out of your life, your mental health improved.

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Or maybe your closest cousin began dating an ex behind your back who you had broken up with three weeks prior, and you found out by looking at their Insta story.

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Perhaps you've got an aunt or uncle whose political and social views directly impact your own basic human rights and they have ZERO interest in hearing you, or anyone else, out.

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Whatever the reason is, let us know what prompted you to cut a toxic family member out of your life and what that experience was like for you in the comments below. If you'd prefer to stay fully anonymous, use this Google form instead.

Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!