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    17 Cakes That Were Disrespected To The Fullest Extent

    Cake decorating isn't for everyone, and that's okay!

    1. This cake that's, let's be honest, basically a decapitated head:

    Portrait cake fail part 2: imagine opening your fridge and seeing a surprise cake portrait of your head from cakefails

    2. This Elmo cake that's seen some shit in its life:

    We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right...Elmo has seen better days from funny

    3. This cake that looks the same going in as it does going out:

    Birthday cake I made for my husband. He’s so lucky to have me from shittyfoodporn

    4. This Joe Exotic cake that doesn't need to exist:

    Just why! from ATBGE

    5. This cake that at least has the bangs in the right place:

    Cake attempt from therewasanattempt

    6. This cake that looks like if R2-D2 got incinerated:

    I made an R2D2 cake. from therewasanattempt

    7. This cake that looks like my sleep paralysis demon:

    Helo Katy nightmare cake. from cakefails

    8. This dog cake that may or may not be wearing mascara:

    Ordered the cake on the left, got the one on the right. from therewasanattempt

    9. This cake that only Leatherface could love:

    Should have just covered it in actual leather from FondantHate

    10. This cake that started off strong and was met with a grim end:

    When the guy from the deli counter offers to write the message on your birthday cake from therewasanattempt

    11. This cake that's got its little eye on you:

    to draw a loot llama on his little brothers bday cake. from therewasanattempt

    12. This cake that needed its own translator:

    A lady at work is leaving, so we got her a cake. We asked the guy at the store to write "Best Wishes Kristie" and this is what we got back. from therewasanattempt

    13. This cake that is hiding under your bed as we speak:

    My mom said it was supposed to be The Joker from GTBAE

    14. These cake pops that are giving me RANGE:

    spent like 5 hours to bake & make these cursed cake pops 😐.......

    15. This Gingerbread Man cake that also doubles as a princess cake:

    To bake a “Gingerbread man from Shrek” cake from therewasanattempt

    16. This going away cake that conveyed an HR-worthy message:

    Going away cake for a coworker from cakefails

    17. And finally, this cake that makes me uncomfortable:

    Bodybuilder’s cake or fetus cake? from cakefails