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    17 Cakes That Were Disrespected To The Fullest Extent

    Cake decorating isn't for everyone, and that's okay!

    1. This cake that's, let's be honest, basically a decapitated head:

    2. This Elmo cake that's seen some shit in its life:

    3. This cake that looks the same going in as it does going out:

    4. This Joe Exotic cake that doesn't need to exist:

    5. This cake that at least has the bangs in the right place:

    6. This cake that looks like if R2-D2 got incinerated:

    7. This cake that looks like my sleep paralysis demon:

    8. This dog cake that may or may not be wearing mascara:

    9. This cake that only Leatherface could love:

    10. This cake that started off strong and was met with a grim end:

    11. This cake that's got its little eye on you:

    12. This cake that needed its own translator:

    13. This cake that is hiding under your bed as we speak:

    14. These cake pops that are giving me RANGE:

    spent like 5 hours to bake & make these cursed cake pops 😐.......

    15. This Gingerbread Man cake that also doubles as a princess cake:

    16. This going away cake that conveyed an HR-worthy message:

    17. And finally, this cake that makes me uncomfortable: