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    21 Cursed Design Choices That Didn't Need To Happen, But Did Anyway

    I don't claim any of the negative energy in this post.

    1. This car that gives deep sea creature vibes:

    This car design I have to witness everyday from oddlyterrifying

    2. This mirror that watches you while you sleep:

    That’s not how mirrors work from CrappyDesign

    3. These potatoes that may actually be pieces of poo in disguise:

    No, i don't think i will from CrappyDesign

    4. This chalk that Pennywise probably uses:

    This vintage chalk packaging... from creepydesign

    5. This night-light that is sure to keep you up:

    Pro Tip for parents: DON’T buy the Finding Dory night light. When you turn it on in the dark… this happens.

    Twitter: @MattNavarra

    6. This mannequin that is waiting for its big break in a horror film:

    This kid mannequin... from CrappyDesign

    7. And this mannequin that just wants a supporting role:

    I will forever have nightmares because of that mannequin's face from CrappyDesign

    8. This hand that shouldn't be able to play footsies:

    fingerfeet from creepydesign

    9. This dog food that's trying to seduce Fido with a sexy cow:

    Thanks, I hate this cow design from TIHI

    10. These high chairs that are plotting something sinister:

    These kids chairs at a Belgian McDonalds from creepydesign

    11. This Dora ride that isn't worth exploring:

    Who did this to Dora from CrappyDesign

    12. This boogie board that proves maybe we didn't need to see Dory's extended family:

    Fonding Diry from creepydesign

    13. This orthodontic ad that's apparently made specifically for cows with human teeth:

    Got this weird ad in the mail...not gonna go their from creepydesign

    14. This Woody that's seen some things:

    Metal Woody from oddlyterrifying

    15. This couch that I most definitely will never sit on:

    Nah thanks, not for me. ("Mucca" vintage design sofa by Marzio Cecchi) from creepydesign

    16. This frog statue that is definitelyyyyyy haunted:

    This frog statue in the woods from creepydesign

    17. This pizza that is most definitely a cannibal:

    This creepy pizza serving it's own kind as food from CrappyDesign

    18. This shower that'll remind you to clean your skin:

    Fleshy shower from CrappyDesign

    19. This Christmas installation that should just lean heavier into the creepiness:

    My dad makes his own installation every christmas from old decorations and other objects. His intention is not them to be creepy, he is just bad at it. :D from creepydesign

    20. This Santa sign that didn't have to look and sound this terrible:

    Santa, please stop! from creepydesign

    21. And finally, this toy that definitely needs to go back to the fruit hell it came from:

    I found this at a kids store. Why does this exist? from CrappyDesign

    H/T: r/CreepyDesign and r/CrappyDesign

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