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    Updated on Jun 25, 2019. Posted on Jun 26, 2018

    11 Coworkers Who Are Truly The Worst And 11 Who Are The Best

    When will my coworkers buy me a car?

    1. This person got a rude "welcome back" cake from his coworkers a week after he was stabbed:

    backspace76 / Via

    While this person got a nice sympathy cake:

    llamaface9603 / Via

    2. This person purposefully doesn't clean his gross toilet coffee mug:

    ZQuestionSleep / Via

    While this single dad was literally gifted a car from his coworkers:

    CNN / Via

    3. This person got a sign no one asked for:

    Brenvol / Via

    While these coworkers transformed their president's office into a giant ball pit for his birthday:

    CivilRiceOnionRing / Via

    4. This person got their day ruined by their cubicle mates:

    pivottofakie / Via

    While this person got a small gift from a coworker who noticed they were having a rough day:

    cahnimaz / Via

    5. This person should probably be fired:

    linderr / Via

    While these two formerly feuding coworkers know the power of coffee and sweet treats:

    mrcpu / Via

    6. This guy got his name put on a bathroom stall because his coworkers monitor his bathroom habits TOO CLOSELY:

    canonanon / Via

    While this 72-year-old grandma was rightfully noticed by the teachers she works with:

    Peabo721 / Via

    7. This person's keyboard was unjustly fucked with:

    blakels / Via

    While this guy's coworker made a design on an in-office wine spill:

    VoodooMamaJuuJuu / Via

    8. This person tried to give his coworkers a heart attack by putting a photocopy of his face onto his office door:

    i-am-the-walrus789 / Via

    While this person was gifted a huge bag of Cheetos after they told their coworkers they were craving some:

    CorporateGranola / Via

    9. This person brought a whole bunch of leaves into the office 'cause they think they're funny:

    cheryl_sperling / Via

    While this guy plant-sat for his coworker and showed the plant the time of its life:

    CreaminFreeman / Via

    10. This person labeled some underwear with their coworkers' names on them:

    jhdesigner / Via

    While this person gave their coworker a personalized whiskey bottle with a beautiful photo of their dog:

    giiglesandtickles / Via

    11. This person ruined the latest office baby announcement:

    kromtwofour / Via

    And finally, this teen literally saved his coworker's life by doing CPR on them:

    Inside Edition / The Week / Via

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