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We Need To Normalize Couples Sleeping Separately, So If You Do It, Why? And How Has It Helped?

There's no use in spending a lifetime fighting for a blanket.

It's become pretty normalized in society for couples who live together to sleep in the same bed.

A couple cuddling in bed

But according to a 2017 survey by the National Sleep Foundation, almost one in four couples now sleep in seperate beds.

Lucy and Ricky in separate beds in "I love lucy"

Despite this becoming more common, there still appears to be a stigma related to sleeping separately, with some folks fearing that this means a loss of intimacy or proof that there's a strain in the relationship. Some even call it "sleep divorce," which in my opinion is a bit dramatic.

Obviously this isn't always the case, and in many ways, sleeping separately has benefits that can help support any relationship and keep it healthy. So if you're a couple who sleeps in different beds (or even different rooms), why do you do it and how specifically has this helped your relationship?

Perhaps your partner snores to the point where you just wouldn't get any sleep otherwise, so for the sake of getting a good night's sleep and not creating any sort of resentment in the relationship, you sleep seperately.

Maybe you just each need your own space and have found that the sex is even more fun for you both when you're able to spontaneously decide whose bed you'll be doing it on.

Two women kissing in bed

Perhaps you radiate the heat of a thousand suns and your partner isn't trying to wake up every morning in a pool of sweat.

Whatever the reason is, it's valid and should be normalized! So, why do you and your S.O. sleep in different beds (or rooms), and how has that ultimately helped your relationship? Let us know in the comments below or in this anonymous form. Your response might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!