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18 Times The Devil Ruined Your Life

Harry Potter actually has horns and a tail.

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1. When you couldn't catch 'em all:

2. When sleeping over wasn't an option:

3. When you were imprisoned in your own home:

4. When you tainted anything you dropped:

5. When you couldn't go out past dark:

6. When you were judged for the color of your shirt:

MGM Studios

7. When your wardrobe was exorcised of skulls:

8. When you couldn't even get a temporary tattoo, let alone a real one:

9. When the only Eminem you could acknowledge were actual M&M's:

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

10. When your movie catalogue was limited to comedies:

11. When Harry Potter's scar became the sign of the devil:

12. When you couldn't enter the 21st century:

whatshallwedonext / Via

13. When you grew up with no knowledge of rock music:

14. When the closest you got to weed was by pulling 'em out of the yard:

15. When Las Ketchup was more than just a condiment for you:


16. When your nails had to stay vibrant:

17. When Halloween was rudefully ignored:

18. And finally, when you were just trying to exist:

Cartoon Network

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