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    17 Photos Of Shadows That Are Too Good To Be True

    Shadows reveal what's truly within.

    1. This water bottle–looking shadow that was made by a pen made of — you guessed it — a recycled water bottle:

    2. This Starbucks shadow that got rid of the italics on the original sign:

    3. This truck shadow that couldn't help but greet the other motorists:

    4. This shadow that looks like it's looking through some photos:

    5. This lamp shadow that looks like a happy spider playing with a ball:

    6. This shadow that proves giraffes are just unicorns on the inside:

    7. This cat food bag shadow that looks like, well, a cat:

    8. This shadow that perfectly split itself at the light pole:

    9. This intentional shadow made to show guest their room numbers:

    10. This pizza-shaped shadow perfectly placed on a Domino's:

    11. This shadow made by a large cloud:

    12. This dog and man shadow that looks like a centaur:

    13. This shoe shadow that makes them look like they're floating:

    14. This ladder shadow that somehow came out warped:

    15. This shadow that lines up perfectly with the sidewalk:

    16. This shadow that makes a dying decal legible:

    17. And finally, this bridge wall that creates penis floor art with its shadow:

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting