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17 Gifts For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Selena Quintanilla

They'll make your heart go "bidi bidi bom bom."

1. Saint Selena Candle, $15.50

EartherealDesign / Via

Welcome to The Church of Selena.

2. "La Selenas" Lotería Sweater, $30.00

cristocat / Via

La Dama just got a bit of competition in her life.

3. Selena Patch, $3.00

foxalive / Via

The Quintanilla badge of honor.

4. Selena Card, $4.00

byROSSIE / Via

This is bound to make your lover's heart go bidi bidi bom bom.

5. Selena Nail Decals, $6.00

chachacovers / Via

The only manicure that truly matters.

6. "Anything For Salinas" Print, $35.00

KarliDesignsStuff / Via

The queen deserves it all.

7. "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" Bracelet, $25.00

EclecticRedsDallas / Via

Wear the sound of your beating heart.

8. "Como la Flor" Wooden Sign, $25.00

campfireshop / Via

Perfect for any garden, or maybe even your bedroom because, hell, you're a flor too!

9. Selena Inspirational Quote Digital Print, $5.29

DesignsByLittlePitti / Via

Reaching your goals is so much easier when you've got Selena guiding the way.

10. "Dreaming of You" Tote Bag, $11.90

Tealapia / Via

I could fall in love...with this bag.

11. Vintage Selena Heart Locket, $10.80-$12.80

cheapandchicland / Via

You can now hold her even closer to your heart.

12. "Como la flor" T-Shirt, $25.00

TillysTees / Via


13. "Como la Flor" Phone Case, $13.49-$15.99

casestore347 / Via

It's always good to be decorative while texting "el chico del apartamento 512."

14. Selena Fabric, $15.00-$25.00

StudioLongoriaDIY / Via

Cover your pillows, your bed, your curtains, your couch, your car seats, EVERYTHING.

15. Heart Earrings, $6.00

PinUpInPink / Via

Her music shouldn't be the only things goin' through your ears.

16. Selena Dictionary Page, $9.99-$22.29

CocoPuffsArt / Via

She is a woman of many words, after all.

17. "Is It The Beat?" Record Clock, $29.00

RavenRecordShop / Via

What time is it? Time to listen to the beat of your heart!

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