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    24 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Your Mexican Childhood

    Never say you're bored.

    1. Getting crumbs all over yourself was completely worth the mess.

    2. Staring at a topless mermaid was a totally normal thing to do every Friday night.

    3. You knew begging your mom for one of these was pretty far-fetched, but that didn't stop you from trying anyway.

    4. Eating nopales straight from your backyard meant you were on the paleo diet way before it was even a thing.

    5. These somehow showed up in every bed in the house and you never questioned why.

    6. You quickly learned that shutting up was the safest thing to do when Walter Mercado got to your mom's horoscope sign.

    7. Your uncle or older cousin all of sudden became the most hated person at the party as soon as they controlled the piñata.

    8. You even survived the December cold so Jesus could get the chance to have his own piñata.

    9. God forbid you ever needed any ingredient other than salsa.

    10. Every Saturday morning meant browsing the swap meet with your parents in the hopes that they would eventually buy you a churro.

    11. Your family confided in these candles to ward off the Devil himself... or to win the lottery.

    12. You never questioned why your mom cured your sore muscles with a pomada that was obviously for animals.

    13. Saying you were bored had SERIOUS repercussions.

    14. Your childhood parties were just as crazy as most weddings.

    15. Every time you smelt beans frying, you knew you wouldn't be getting that McDonald's you were craving.

    16. Your house eventually got to the point where you couldn't distinguish whether you were in your living room or at church.

    17. You felt your mouth water even before you got the opportunity to tear one of these open.

    18. Whether it was your first communion or your cousin's baby shower, there was no such thing as a "dry party."

    19. Aside from Jesus, this was the man you looked forward to seeing each Sunday morning.

    20. Your first childhood friend left you wondering just how good his tortas de jamón were.

    21. There was no sweeter victory than actually eating this in one bite instead of licking its sad crumbs off the plastic.

    22. Dunking your hand into a bag of these chile-coated things left your hand looking like a delicious murder scene.

    23. Sitting in some local park while wearing a ball gown was harder than it seemed.

    24. You were taught how to make tamales multiple times but somehow managed to always mess it up.

    But when it comes down to it, you would never trade your Mexican upbringing for the world.

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