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    17 College Campus Posters That Tried, They Really Tried

    Your tuition dollars at work!

    1. This poster that knew exactly what it was doing by putting that black box there:

    TheOutbreak / Via

    2. This "welcome to your new dorm" poster that feels a little ominous:

    jel_vox / Via

    3. This poster that requires four doctorates to read:

    HackySackGod / Via

    It says, "Be an engaged bystander."

    4. This maze that has no entrance, which is weirdly metaphorical:

    oldestkidinschool / Via

    5. This post that was probably inspired by the list I'm currently writing:

    ExplosivePotatos / Via

    6. This talent show poster that I'm not even going to bother interpreting:

    ihavesexwithmyself / Via

    7. This poster that should teach its own graphic design class:

    foreversole / Via

    8. This poster that was supposed to advertise a Tim Easton and Cary Hudson show, but in the worst way possible:

    TheRealBlueMelon / Via

    9. This flyer that had about 0.02% effort put into it:

    turtlepain / Via

    10. This poster that didn't need to scatter the words like this:

    /RyanizBigBrain / Via

    11. This poster that tried to look cute and artsy:

    Archieman000 / Via

    It says, "We respect different faiths and beliefs."

    12. This poster that doesn't care about your drug-free lifestyle:

    uzi_macaroni / Via

    Spoiler: It looks like it says "LSD."

    13. This poster/sign that took some creative freedom:

    0ystersauc3 / Via

    14. This poster that not only gives bad advice, but dishes it out weirdly:

    TrueSystemLord / Via

    15. This poster that should teach us all to stop writing vertically:

    BigHomie50 / Via

    16. This poster that took a different approach:

    rjlm_666 / Via

    17. And finally, this poster that's honestly stressing me out:

    ItzFish / Via

    It says, "Destress Fest," which, like, ironic.

    H/T: /r/crappydesign and /r/mildlyinfuriating

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