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19 Texts That'll Make You Say "How The Hell Did I Survive College?"

"I ate a sour skittle for breakfast."

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1. This student lived for the drama and employment:

2. This hungry person had a perfectly balanced breakfast:

3. While this person had probably six exams in one day:

4. This panicked student lost all concept of time:

5. This person tried their best to pull it together:

6. This person went from 0 to 100 real quick:

7. This vampire had a long ass night:

8. This daughter asked her mom a very valid question:

9. This person started their week off well:

10. This risk-taker probably failed (let's be real):

11. This person got on their mom's bad side:

12. This person recycled, which is kinda endearing:

13. This adventurer was just looking to escape:

14. This spider murderer did their best with the tools they were given:

15. This person either celebrated or cried shortly after:

16. This student took their sweet time:

17. And finally, this homesick student couldn't wait to return to the home they've always loved:

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