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    19 Festive People Who Tried, Oh Boy Did They Try

    ♫ Silent night, holy...crap what happened to that snowman? ♫

    1. This new species of reindeer:

    2. These candy canes that totally aren't poop:

    3. This strawberry that I'm convinced is alive:

    4. This unintentional Christmas ghost:

    5. This,'s a dick:

    6. This crime scene:

    7. This low-budget Rudolph:

    8. The Antichrist itself:

    9. This thicc Frosty the Snowman:

    10. This fruit tree that should have just been a pile of cookies of instead:

    11. These snowmen that are clearly screaming for help:

    12. This attempt at a Christmas tree:

    13. This metaphor for 2017:

    14. These cookies that fused together into the ULTIMATE cookie:

    15. This festive triangle:

    16. These swirl cookies going through a major crisis:

    17. This igloo that succumbed to global warming:

    18. And finally, this ADORABLE penguin that I'm naming Kiwi: