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    Chrishell And Jason From "Selling Sunset" Are Now A Couple And People Don't Know How To Handle It

    Not gonna lie — this threw me off balance.

    We may be a ways away from a new season of Netflix's Selling Sunset, but that doesn't mean we aren't already getting a sneak peek into what we have to look forward to.

    The cast of Selling Sunset

    If you recall, last season we left off with Chrishell Stause getting a divorce from her then husband of two years, actor Justin Hartley.

    Chrishell looking up and smiling at Justin on a red carpet

    She found out about their split via a text message from him, and the world was ready to go to battle for her.

    Chrishell crying over her divorce from Justin on Selling Sunset

    She later competed on Dancing With the Stars late last year, where she met dancer Keo Motsepe. The two began dating before calling it quits just three months after going public.

    In an Instagram comment from March that addressed her latest breakup, Chrishell said she was "off of men" for a year after a commentor left, well, this huge mess:

    Chrishell saying, "Well I guess you haven't seen, but I no longer have a bf. So I will be fornicating with only myself for possible eternity as I am off of men. Ask me in a year"

    And while it hasn't exactly been a year, our girl is back in the game because she and Jason Oppenheim — who is the founder of the company Chrishell works for in the show — have just made their relationship Instagram official. Scroll on over to the last two photos to see for yourself:

    Jason himself commented on the photo with a simple heart emoji.

    And Jason's twin brother, Brett, who runs the Oppenheim Group with him, commented on how happy he is that they're together.

    Brett saying, "Love you Chrishell. Thank you for making my brother happy"

    Co-star Mary Fitzgerald, who once dated Jason in the past, is happy to see two of her closest friends come together.

    Mary saying, "Nothing makes me more excited than to see two of my closest friends together and making each other happy"

    While Romain Bonnet, who is Mary's husband, hoped that people would stop bringing up Jason and Mary's past relationship with this new revelation. Sorry, but I had to mention it.

    Romain saying, "So happy for you guys! Finally people will stop with Jason and Mary hopefully"

    Co-star Amanza Smith is happy that the secret is out so they can all be normal now.

    Amanza saying, "Love you both! So happy it's out! Ahhh we can all just be normal now! Happy!! Makes me sooo happy for you both"

    And as for the rest of the public? It's just sheer chaos and excitement.

    And based on the roses that Jason seems to have gotten Chrishell for her birthday last week, they're definitely off to a very extravagant start:

    Here's a picture of them, for context.

    Now, there is currently no release date for Season 4 of Selling Sunset, but based on this exciting news, it NEEDS to come sooner than later. Cheers to new love!