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    Updated on Sep 28, 2018. Posted on Sep 26, 2018

    23 Types Of People Who Are Not To Be Trusted

    Dry-swallowing pills? In front of my calm, lawful energy?!

    1. Dry-swallowing pills:

    people who dry swallow pills carry a terrifying amount of chaotic energy and should not be fucked with under any circumstances whatsoever

    2. Watching someone else's screen on a plane:

    people who watch other screens on the plane while their screen is off have a deep well of chaotic energy hiding in them

    3. Knocking on bathroom doors:

    people who knock on locked bathroom doors display chaotic energy

    4. Taking a Funko Pop out of its box:

    people who take their funko pop out of the box radiate chaotic evil energy

    5. Facetimeing while walking down the street:

    People who facetime while they’re walking down the street have very chaotic energy

    6. Using your phone's camera to upload a pic to a dating app:

    all these mobile dating apps that give you the option to take a picture with your phone camera instead of uploading one from your library... I'm just imagining the chaotic energy that would require

    7. Going out into the world with a mug:

    people that take ceramic coffee mugs out in public are overflowing with a chaotic neutral energy that I can't even begin to comprehend

    8. Putting a selfie as your phone backround:

    people who have their selfies as their phone background carry a very particular subset of strange chaotic energy

    9. Decorating your car's dash with toys:

    people who decorate their dashboard with stuffed animals have a chaotic energy that is not to be messed with

    10. Walking around on a moving train:

    people who stand up to get off the subway before the train car comes to a complete stop are reckless and I fear their chaotic energy

    11. Setting your alarm in a weird way:

    People who set their alarms for times other than those ending in a 0 or a 5 are filled with a powerful chaotic energy and I do not trust them

    12. Having an evil pet:

    no one possesses a more chaotic energy than people with pet birds who openly acknowledge that the bird attacks and screams at them yet continue to foist it on everyone

    13. Going off during field day:

    y’all remember field day? the epitome of chaotic energy.

    14. Setting your phone brightness to 100:

    people who have their phone brightness on the highest setting have such chaotic energy

    15. Using this meme months after it died:

    The people who still use this meme radiate such a chaotic energy

    16. Crumbling up your toilet paper:

    People who crumple their toilet paper instead of folding before wiping literally embody chaotic evil energy

    17. Running out of space on your phone:

    people who perpetually do not have enough space on their phone and have to save pictures through snapchat have the most chaotic energy

    18. Curating a playlist only you love for a party:

    people who play from their personal saved songs instead of picking random spotify playlists when it's their turn to choose what to listen at parties emit dangerous amounts of chaotic energy and cannot be fucked with under Any circumstances

    19. Sitting in a different seat each time you go to class:

    I want to know what people who don't sit in the same spot in the lecture hall every time are thinking? Where do they get their chaotic energy from?

    20. Walking on a moving escalator:

    People who walk up or down escalators while they’re moving have a chaotic energy that I just can’t match

    21. Wearing glasses without needing glasses:

    idk but people who wear glasses but don't need them have really chaotic energy

    22. Taking mirror selfies with an iPad:

    people who take mirror selfies with an ipad have chaotic evil energy written all over them

    23. And finally, sleeping in jeans:

    People who sleep in jeans have such a chaotic energy it’s comparable to people who dry swallow pills

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