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16 Cats That Are Unapologetically And Adorably Rude

Behind every cat's adorable face is an even more adorable jerk.

1. This cat who just wanted to make their mark in the world:

2. This cat who became the owner of their very own car:

3. This cat who didn't want visitors:

Guys maintenance tried to visit my house today and only left this on the door I'm crying

4. This cat who found a face pillow and went on full murder mode:

“I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

5. This cat who didn't give a damn about architecture even in ancient times:

6. This cat who said, "Forgot your $30 bed; I've got my own":

7. This cat who's evil plan didn't go as expected:

8. This cat who didn't care for their parent's shower curtain:

9. This cat who just wandered in and made itself at home:

10. This cat who went climbing and suffered the consequences:

11. This cat who just wanted to be the only baby around:

12. This cat who saw free water and went for the opportunity:

13. This cat who made a foot spa of their own:

14. This cat who played the ultimate game of hide and seek:

15. This cat who lived on the edge:

16. And finally, this cat who said, "What slippers? This is a toy."

H/T r/CatsAreAssholes